Board of Directors

Elections occur in person during our November meeting and all members are welcome to participate in the elections. If you wish to put your name on the ballot, contact one of the members of the elections committee prior to the October meeting.

Executive Board

Executive board positions are elected annually

President Jeff Graf
1st Vice President Jamey Rill
2nd Vice President Dan Graf
3rd Vice President Tim Bare
Secretary Karen Bare
Treasurer Jan Graf


Director Term End
Ira Barnes 2023
Larry Gribble 2023
Jerry Lucabaugh 2023
Keith Nafe 2023
Jodi Rill 2023
John Wood 2023
Sterling Bixler 2024
Shaf Bosley 2024
Bill Davis 2024
Tim Devereux 2024
John Eberfield 2024
Brian Rill 2024
John Ayers 2025
Will Burke 2025
Rick Eyre 2025
Scott Gunnet 2025
Sara Bixler 2025
Matt Warehime 2025